Areas at Risk

  • Resident Care Areas / Rooms
  • Biohazard Rooms
  • Medication Rooms
  • Linen Storage / Closets
  • Housekeeping Carts
  • Kitchen and Laundry

Infection Control

is the discipline concerned with preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection, a practical (rather than academic) sub-discipline of epidemiology. It is an essential, though often underrecognized and undersupported, part of the infrastructure of health care.


What i review

  • Your Infection Control Program
  • The Infection Control Surveillance Binder
  • The Monthly Antibiotic Review
  • Your Isolation Precautions Procedure

WHAT I Provide

  • Report of findings during my visit
  • Written recommendations of Infection Control Compliance
  • Infection Control Inservice to the staff at the request of the Director of Nurses
  • For Fees Please email me at: